Every amazon seller wants to increase sales. There is no easy way to rank any product on the amazon search result. Here we will discuss the most 9 amazon product ranking factors.

In 2020 amazon A9 algorithm will work only two parameters

  • Content
  • Purchase

1. Optimize your Amazon product listings

Amazon product listing optimization is a process that can bring your product on the top amazon search results and also increase the conversation rates. So first you need to think about your consumer who they think about your product. For that proper keywords, optimization is necessary to increase your product ranking.

  • Keyword Research
  • Title Optimization
  • Bullet point Creation and Optimization
  • Description Creation and Optimization
  • Backend Search Terms
  • Image optimization

If we want to increase product ranking on amazon we have to follow the above guideline. First, we need to do keyword research and then need to add relevant keywords to product pages. When we do proper amazon listing optimization, we can easily rank any products.

2. EBC or A+ content Creation

Amazon EBC or A+ content also can help any product page can rank for multiple keywords. Because we can add lots of feature images and descriptions that can help to decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversation rate. EBC or A+ can give us the opportunity that we can add more content to the product also can push more keywords.

Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) also known as A+ content, is an effective way to acquire new potential customers. A+ content provides remarkable customer experience, branding, and builds your reputation. Therefore, products with A+ content tend to have higher conversion rates, attract better reviews, and have reduced return rates.

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A+ page Creation guideline

  • Use proper English with keywords, do not use commas, semicolon, dashes and etc
  • Do not use synonyms or misspellings only use that keyword that will fit into the content.
  • Do not do keywords stuffing like Google SEO

3. Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic also can help to rank amazon product ranking. Finding the right audience and drive them to the product page it will increase the CTR ( click-through rate ). You can run Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and send traffic to your product page. Also can run email marketing it will also help to rank product ranking. TO make the process successful make sure customers will buy the products. Otherwise, the process will not work.

So the full process is first needed to create a landing page for that and need to drive traffic to the landing page first and then need to drive traffic from landing page to amazon product page. Because the complete process can help to bring sales from the referral traffic.

4.Earn positive reviews

The positive reviews also can increase the amazon product ranking. If you get a more positive review it will help any product more visible to Amazon search result. So when you sell products make sure you send them an email to drop a review to your product.

People trust online reviews as personal recommendations.  We can also see that there is a strong correlation between more positive reviews for a product and Amazon search results. Products that rank high for a broader search term usually have more positive reviews, than the lower ones in the list.

Building strong seller feedback will bring you long-term success. It is an essential metric to evaluate your performance on Amazon.

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5. Always do A/B test

Update your listing, price, and keep do Optimization. So you can easily check the best tactics that can help you to increase the conversion or ranking

6. Track your results

Once you do the optimization properly now you need to track the product. So what needs to do check the product metrics.

  • Is your product ranking improving
  • Is your sales increasing
  • Asking for review

7. Your product availability

Managing product availability helps to increase the amazon rankings. So need to maintain the inventory for any product that you are selling on amazon.

8. List your products in the right categories

It is mandatory to list products in the right category. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right category. Before we list any product need to do the category research. Because the right product category help to increase the visibility of any product. If you list your item to poor or low ranking category

9. Use Amazon PPC to rank higher for organic results

Amazon PPC is one of the best weapons to rank any items for any high search volume keywords. Rank your item using Amazon PPC and that brings organic traffic and helps to increase CTR and conversation rates.

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