CPD is a Powersports distribution center that is centrally located in the US. We are partnered with Electric Motion, Electric Trial Bike, Rieju motorcycles, SWM, and selling dirt bike parts for all major brands.

For organic growth, CPD allocates a budget for Google SEO and ads campaigns for their future growth. Then we ( Brandraz ) had a meeting with CPD, and we told them the future of SEO and Ads campaign advantages. Betsy and Mark were technologically sophisticated and they understood SEO very well.

So before we start work, we did an analysis and keyword research on their website and gave them an extensive overview.

Then we did keyword research and found out the best keywords for their business, and they agree with the top 5 keywords they want to rank for the CPD website.

When we started work for them, they were not ranking for their targeted keywords, and the traffic was not good.

If we check their sales report back in february it was not good.

After the Second Month (APRIL) their sales increased 118%.

After the Third Month (MAY) their sales increased 188%.

If you look at the data from SEMRUSH, you can see the differences and understand the benefits of SEO.


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