If you Are Looking for good referral traffic and you are new on Reddit. You should read this article. 

What is Reddit? 

Reddit is one kind of a big forum platform. Where people share their thoughts on relevant topic and comment and get referral traffic on the topic.  

If you are beginners All you need to Know About Reddit 

Reddit has tons of community which is known as subreddit. People join that subreddit which is relevant to their platform.  

As an example, Like you are selling web design & development service in San Antonio, you should join the relevant subreddit, like web, web development etc.   


How to use Reddit? 

If you are new in this sector how can you get traffic, backlinks or Clients from Reddit?? 

Easy Few Tips for the new account 

Step 1 

Create a Reddit account first and add all the necessary information about you, like what you do, who you are and please use a real name. Do not use your company name, if you use your company name, your account will be in trouble.  

  • Use Real Name
  • Add Your Profile Pictures 
  • Add information about your work 

Step Two 

Find Out Relevant SubReddit. 

You are providing SEO services you have to find out at least 10 subreddit and Join it. Then you have to do, note down all subreddit rules. 

  • What is their policy if you want to post any topic into that subreddit 
  • Which types of post are most popular  
  • Which post people are talking most 
  • Which one gets more comment or votes 
  • Which types of content are getting more upvote 

Step three 

When you finished all the above work the next and last step is, you have to maintain your account for 10 days and do not use Reddit from your office. You have to do all the work from your home.  

First 10 days you have to post each day on subreddit and do not add any links with your post. If you do your account will be banned. You just need to maintain the account and without any links. Because subreddit moderator will monitor your account. Why you are doing, so the best practice does not drop any links.  

This is all about the secret of Reddit for beginner Freelancer. 

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