Search Engine Optimization Agency San Antonio

Brandraz has a team of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) professionals who are dedicated to the development of strategies that would take the business to the next level. As successful SEO campaigns often take time, you would need to invest in the right services that would provide you with record visibility.

Versatility: Brandraz offers a variety of services that range from the basic SEO copywriting strategies to manage the entire social media project. With Brandraz, you would be able to make the right choice for your business.

Creativity: Authentic, Influencing, and keyword-specific content is provided to the clients depending on the business needs.

Personality: Our team comprises of energetic and interactive professionals who can provide you with the right business solutions.

Accountability: You would receive tangible deliverables along with a detailed report of the entire process that would keep you updated on the SEO progress.

Integrity: Brandraz look is dedicated towards long-term success and ensures the involvement of ethical cutting-edge

Vision: Brandraz follows up cutting-edge trends and tools that are crucial to search engine optimization.

BrandRaz Search Engine Optimization


Organic or primary search results on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are based on items that the search engines consider to be relevant to the searcher’s query or search terms. Every SEO company has different strategies to enhance a website’s rankings in the search engines, but the main goal is to attract organic or non-paid searchers via the SERPs on search engines. That is why BrandRaz Submit your Business URLs to 90 different search engines for better LEADS. Because  75% of searches are done by mobo they will use the different application or search engines this is the reason behind it we submit your website URLs different search engines.

Brandraz SEO Service San Antonio

SEO audit

We examine your site totally to discover focuses to improve and begin from that point to design a customized SEO system for your business and beat the challenge.

SEO On-page

A portion of the errands we typically do when enhancing your site is (watchword inquire about, improve titles, Meta titles, URL structure, loading speed, copy the content, and so on)

SEO content

Usually, we will make a content marketing procedure with quality articles advanced to arrive at your intended interest group and position you in the main list items.

Link Building

Regularly we utilize domains of fluctuated authority and use typical stays that figure out how to construct a profile of connections that of the right moves toward the web indexes and help you develop.

Local SEO

It is basically targeted for organizations that offer their administrations in physical premises or are keen on contacting a crowd of people of a particular area. We apply SEO methodologies as indicated by the geo location of the client.

International SEO

We rank your site in those particular worldwide markets where you intended interest group is found and in this manner arrive at potential clients found anyplace on the planet.

What is SEO positioning?

SEO positioning otherwise called organic positioning, is a group of methods and techniques to upgrade a page to get free traffic from the web page, for example, Google. A very much streamlined site makes your site increasingly helpful for the two clients and web indexes. Even though regardless they can’t see a site page as a human does. Website design enhancement is essential to help web indexes comprehend what each page is about and whether it is valuable for clients. Contact our SEO Agency today; we prompt you thoroughly FREE.

What we do in our SEO Agency San Antonio

We apply altered SEO situating methodologies that best adjust to the requirements and targets of every business to accomplish more exceptional visibility and traffic for your site. In our Web Positioning Organisation, we only practice perfect and safe, SEO white cap systems that are well disposed of with Google’s algorithms, continually putting client experience and quality ahead.

We are 100% straightforward; we realize that only one out of every odd business needs a complete SEO situating methodology in search engines. However, we center around the strategies that will significantly affect improving the SEO of your site. Contact our web situating organization and converse with one of our pros.

Frequently Asked Questions in our SEO Agency


  • Increase in traffic: The higher the positioning of a site for catchphrases, the more traffic you will get. Indeed, the number 1 situation on Google has a 27.5% snap rate as per the CTR investigation of Advanced Web Ranking. This statement implies on the off chance that you rank # 1 for a hunting term, each multiple times you look that phrase look, you will get measurably somewhere in the range of 27 and 28 guests. With each ensuing position, the number drops substantially.
  • Credibility/trust: Websites that seem higher in the query, visitors’ viewing items are as increasingly robust and valid. 98% of all clients pick an organization that shows up on page 1 of the outcomes. That is because individuals feel that the locales at the top are the best. Today, everybody “looks” for Google what they need, and if your site is at the top during that search, you have situated yourself as the believable/dependable alternative.
  • It generates a higher ROI than other marketing channels: As indicated by measurements from the Search Engine Journal, potential clients produced by SEO have an end pace of 14.6%, while potential outbound clients, (for example, regular postal mail or print promoting) ) have a 1.7% shutting rate.
  • Boosts offline sales: According to research directed by Accenture, 88% of customers search online before shopping in stores. If you don’t find during the inquiry procedure, at that point, you are not notwithstanding thinking about it for that specific buy.
  • It matches you with big competitors: It is hard for organizations to go up against mammoths like Amazon, yet SEO can help even the playing field. A more prominent association has more administrations where a little organization can be increasingly spry. Being progressively light-footed enables a littler organization to concentrate on longer-tail watchwords, client experience, and be increasingly strategic. A more significant association generally must be bolted up.
  • Is SEO dead?

SEO isn’t dead. However, it has advanced. Before, SEOs could utilize effective strategies, for example, purchasing low-quality connections, unnecessary utilization of catchphrases, and duplication of substance to rule SERPs. Nowadays, even though SEO has turned into an inexorably convoluted procedure, it has additionally turned out to be a higher priority than at any other time, because of the expanding number of individuals looking through on the web.

  • Is doing SEO trick search engines?

Attempting to deceive web indexes into giving your webpage a higher position is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Spam strategies may work in the present moment; however, in the long haul, they will accomplish more mischief to your business than great.

  • What is organic search?

Search is when individuals type an inquiry in a web crawler and snap on a non-promoting result.

  • What is a keyword?

Or keywords are the questions individuals use to look through on the web. Recognizing what catchphrases individuals who are identified with your business are searching for is a vital piece of an SEO technique.

  • How long does SEO take to have results?

Will, in general, take longer than other showcasing efforts, for example, paid publicizing or informal communities. While the cutoff times will consistently fluctuate contingent upon your present natural nearness, the length of work you are doing on the site, and so forth, you can, for the most part, hope to get outcomes about 6 to 1 year from the beginning of an SEO crusade.

How do we work in our SEO Agency San Antonio?

Our methodological approach is:

  • We analyze your website to find improvement points: We investigate your page top to bottom to discover each one of those mistakes that can influence the natural situating of your online task.
  • We solve internal and external problems that may exist:A portion of our errands are to survey and improve titles, meta titles, URL structure, stacking speed, potential punishments, and significantly more!
  • We design your link building strategy: We create usual external link establishment techniques with excellent and robust methods for power to improve your connection profile and increment the authority of your area.
  • We create relevant content: We compose quality substance dependent on titles that natural expansion traffic, gain influence inside the specialty, and accomplish a refreshed and essential site.
  • We analyze your competition: We will likely discover what you are doing to place every one of our endeavors into achieving a significantly improved outcome.
  • We do local SEO if required: This service is ideal for organizations that offer their administrations in physical premises. We apply systems to build visibility and traffic, as indicated by the geolocation of the client.
  • We measure the results and monitor 24/7:

We make a comprehensive checking of the outcomes acquired week by week and month to month through customized gatherings and complete reports that enable us to envision the advancement of the venture and correct mistakes.

  • Why do I need a web positioning company?

An Search Engine Optimization and web are situating organization cause you to improve your online nearness, increment the visibility of your business, and along these lines contact more individuals.

  • What are the prices of web positioning services?

In Brandraz Services, each venture is one of a kind. Costs may change contingent upon every business and the requirements of every one of them. Get in touch with us, and we will cite you for nothing!

  • How long do I start to have results?

Search engine optimization, for the most part, takes longer than other advanced showcasing efforts, for example, email promoting or Adwords publicizing. Though the cutoff times consistently change contingent upon your present natural situating, length of the administration performed on the site, and so on. You can typically begin getting results from 4 to a half year from the earliest starting point of the battle.