Best 9 Insanely Actionable SEO Analysis Tips (That Work Fast)

What is on page  SEO?

SEO Analysis or On page is an important practice to optimizing all web pages for any business.  Proper Search engine optimization helps your web pages show to your right audience. SO if you do correct SEO you will get right targeted audiences.

If you are beginners and do not know the proper on-page optimization Process. This post is for you.

Key points

Improve the SEO of your website with our SEO Pro Analyzes and discover opportunities to be at the top of the organic results.

Does the content of your website retain the attention of search engines? We invest a lot in the development of our own SEO crawler to analyze your web page and find configuration errors that may be negative for your SEO On page.

We analyze all your pages to find broken links (4xx errors), server errors (5xx), temporary 302 redirects and 301 permanent redirects, we verify duplicate, missing or too many short metadata, missing ALT attributes and pages with poor content and much more …

9 Practical SEO Analysis techniques that you can use for any Websites
1. Monitoring of SEO Positioning A precise and reliable web positioning. Our SEO analysis platform allows you to check the positioning of 50 keywords in the UK, the United States and Canada in the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. (We have coverage in 90 countries)
2. Indexing

Search engines find your website, but do you know if they index all your content? Are you indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo? And how about in your local version? We verify for you the indexation of each webpage comparing it with your competitor’s.

3. Technical audit

You will not be able to believe all the mistakes we found!

Avoid basic errors in poorly constructed sites, SEO starts before the construction of a website.

Our SEO tools analyze the configuration files of your site (Robots.txt, .htaccess …) to make sure there are no errors. Human error, incompetence or simple negligence can cause critical problems – and we have seen everything! Our technical audit automatically detects problems related to page load time, robots.txt, HTML and XML site map, URLs, Page 404, Canonical … and many more points.

4. Link analysis Improve your positioning thanks to quality links Quality analysis of your links Analyze the difference between the number of links and the number of domains referring to your competition to have a clear and precise vision of what you are facing. You always have to know which links really contribute something to your visitors, their conversion and find the relevant web pages to build potentially strong links. (Trust and Citation Flow) Analysis of the backlinks of the competition Exploiting the best backlinks of your competition is priceless! Let your competition do all the work. Take advantage of the Link Building campaigns of your competition to not start from scratch, position yourself at par and better than them.
5. Competitive audit How to position yourself in front of your competitors in SEO? Analysis of the competition Discover the positioning of the influential players in your market. For any company, it is necessary to analyze the competence to make strategic and financial decisions. Tell us about 5 of your competitors and we will take care of the rest (net linking, indexing, technical audit, etc …)
6. Competitive intelligence You become stronger than a competitor when you know your intentions. One of the biggest challenges in competitive SEO analysis is that it is constantly evolving. Analyzing your competition, you will gain great competitive advantage. With our SEO tool, you compare the health of your website, its positioning, the performance of pages and its links with respect to your rivals. We can even take advantage of the domains of your links!
7. Quantitative link analysis Did you know that your own competitors can offer you the links of their success? If they create quality links to your website, we can know exactly what they are and offer you a list of them so you know where they are being linked from. In addition, we analyze the links of your competition and their reference domains with their sources and key words where they point thanks to the anchor text.

8. Errors in images If what you were least worried about were the images with name IMG32423423.jpg An important part of a good On-site optimization is to corroborate that all the elements of your web have a relationship and are easy to associate for Google, in your report, you will know which and how many you still need to improve.

9. Domain analysis All roads lead to SEO. The number of domains that link to your website is a very important signal for search engines and that gives you a relevance to position yourself. Get detailed information about the sites that refer to yours and compare them in the same graphic with those of your competition.