Pay Per Click Marketing: If you are active on Amazon, Google and Bing when it comes to advertising, then you would need to ensure that you are aware of the paid search or PPC strategy in order to boost up the business sales. In general, PPC stands for pay-per-click, that can provide internet marketing methods with the help of which the advertisers can pay a specific fee every single time when there are ads which can help to ensure the promotion of the brand. With the help of this strategy, one can easily ensure about the number of visits to your site and give the bumuchneededch needed exposure.
Getting a good return on ad spend (ROAS) can prove to be a challenging task, and most brands running their first PPC campaign might have to lose on their budget without any significant return. This is where the experts at Brandraz can help in the development of a conversion-based PPC Strategy targets which can assure about the high traffic. The experts in our team provide a custom tailored PPC campaign strategy which can help in maximising the sales and ROI.
The team at Brandraz is aware of the PPC audit and analysis tools and can provide a comprehensive PPC strategy which can boost sales.


Steps of our PPC Strategy:

  • Provide affordable plans and pricing for businesses and budgets of all sizes.
    • Identify the price-cutting schemes that you can already experience with the keyword costs.
    • Maximize the order sizes and optimize your Ads with an audit.
    • Focus on the profitable clicks.
    • Provide detailed reports and regular one-on-one conversations that would keep you informed about the PPC performance.
    • Continue testing and targeting your PPC program for additional opportunities.
    • Provide complete transparency when it comes to the PPC account at all times along with a report on the results on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Our team’s PPC Experts Span:

  • Amazon PPC
    • AdWords Optimization and Management
    • Bing Ads Management
    • App Marketing
    • PPC Audits

Content Marketing (Webshop/Marketplaces):

Even though PPC, Email Marketing and SEO, are the important parts of the Marketing lifecycle, the Content still happens to be the king. Writing good content requires proper research, analysis, and creativity so that it can work for the business. Another prime requirement is the authenticity of the content as almost all the search engines give a boost to the original content. Moreover, the audience can adhere to the content which is authentic and has quality. At Brandraz, we have an experienced and skilled team of professionals who are great at research, analyze and produce contents for the audience market on a large scale. With this, we aim to raise the bar of consumer awareness and knowledge about their requirements.
Content marketing can help in building a strong client base. Moreover, the SEO strategies can also be improved with time. If you have come across Amazon’s recent website architecture upgrade, you must have noticed how great it is as it helps in pushing the User-generated content such as reviews and Q&A that would help the product to come follow up on the landing pages. Content adds value to your brand and a successful PPC can only be done if we have quality content
Content experts at Brandraz help in developing a content marketing plan would comply with your business. Here are five key steps that we would be focusing on:


Experts at Brandraz determine the objectives of your organization and what it needs to achieve through content. Along with that, one needs to be clear about sales, service, promotions, and advertising plans.


We would help in determining the type of audiences that you can associate with i.e., whether they are single, homogeneous or do they have profiles in multiple segments. Experts at Brandraz would match with the interests, concerns, and information.

Content Development:

Great content often begins with an idea with what you wish to convey. We will establish a consistent tone that represents the expertise and values of your organization/product. We will optimize the website/product content for your audience, for search engines in order to meet the business objectives.


We would provide you with a regular and consistent schedule that would be best for establishing familiarity with your audience. Monitoring the Results: With our experts, you would be able to constantly monitor the search engine rankings of your Content/Product data across Google page rank and Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR). We assess the number of likes, shares, comments, and other actions on the product.