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Let us help grow your local online visibility

With the help of our local Search engine optimization SEO services, any lead generation or business acquire higher rankings in your local google search result. Brandraz has its strategies and tactics to help your local business rank on top of google search. If you have one or more location across the state, we can rank your business. 

Do you Know 95% of people looking local product or services on google 

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Local SEO services built for your markets.

Our campaigns focus on targeting local buyers in your market that are seeking to transact with you immediately.

Website Analysis

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Keyword Strategy

Online Reviews

Directory Listings


What Brandraz Local SEO services Strategy Look Like 


  • First, we will check website information all over the web (Business address, Phone number, and your Brand) and confirm that your local business information is accurate and provide you the best useful error-free local google search result.   
  • We will start working on your Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, and Others 30 different search engine optimization and ensure you that your local business carried out the same information and optimized for your target location and service area.   
  • Brandraz team will add your local business to your service-related local directories such as YELP, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, FourSquare, MojoPages 200 best local directories 
  • We will create your local business citations. It will be a reference for your business brand, address, phone number and services on another website. This is not only advertising but also your local business gets a link juice, which is most important for local presence. We use high-quality third-party websites to build your local business citation.   
  • We will optimize your local business website and fix an issue like ( h1, h2, h3 ) Tags. We will make a super attractive and unique heating tag for your business, which helps you with a better search result 
  • Optimize your website Images with GEO tag, when people are looking for your services it will help your google my business card rank your business card rank for those keywords or search terms as well.
  • We will create Local business Schema which gives information to google about your business when people search about your business, Google picked your business information and showed the top of Google search result also google three-pack.
  • We’ll optimize your content from that google pick potential keywords and give your business rank.
  • We will also manage your online reputation or Online review like when someone purchases local services; we used software for review marketing. Not only rank your business but also make you feel safe.
  • We’ll make your business Website Mobo Friendly. Because 90 percent of people looking for services or product using their phone. Mobo responsiveness is a matter.
  • We will increase your business website speed when someone visits your site, and your website images and backend code take time to show to the customer about your business suddenly, they switch another website.
  • We will create a unique meta description for your business, so Google gives extra value on it.
  • If you have one location for your local business, we will create structured Markup for it.
  • We will Optimize Social links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • We will make a few promotional videos for your local business and targeted high search volume keywords and rank all videos on YouTube because a video is enough to tell about your product or services. When Brandraz will take responsibility on your local business SEO Campaign. Every day you can track your local business and search engine optimization effectiveness,