First, You have to go to the inventory center and click on add a product.  Use a product SQU into the search box and hit on search button. Because we need to make sure the SQU is unique and if we used it before then we cannot use the same SQU for another product.

How to select amazon new product category

Now you can create a new list here, first of all we have to choose a category. It depends on, which kind of product you are listing here, let’s say Tonneau cover, it’s a product for car. Now search category for Tonneau Cover and select the related category.

No need to add product ID which is known as UPC. Add your UPC and select the UPC. Now add a product name which is also known as product title. We have to prepare all this content and search term before we listing the product. Now we have the option of the manufacturer where we will write down our manufacturer name. The next one is the manufacturer part number which is also known as seller sku. We have that seller sku which should be in this part number.
Now we will see the brand name and fitment type.  Brand name and manufacturer are the same things but the fitment type is related to the product. Our product is vehicle specific. Remember we only fill-up those options which are mandatory. Now go to offer an option where we will find a seller SKU and we will paste this seller SKU here, we need the seller price of our product to fill up the option “Your price”. Let’s say our product selling price is $55.00. We can just put the price not the currency symbol here. We have to select the item condition of our product, ours was new. So I select item condition new.
The next one is the quantity of your product. How many products do you have or you can deliver. Just put it the number here. Initially, we put the number 0 because we can change it later from our inventory. Now we have to put an image of our product.

Amazon New Product Listing Image Requirement

The image quality should be good with a white background. The pixel requirement is 1000×1000. After uploading the image we will have to go to the description part. Where we will write five organized and optimized bullet points of our product. The bullet points should be product related and keyword-friendly. After writing bullet points we have to write down the product description of our product with HTML tag in it. Normally we prepare our content/optimized bullet points and product description before starting listing our product. It helps to create great content. After that, we have keywords option on the right side of the page. We have to go to the search terms option and put our optimized keyword here. So that people can find our product easily whenever they search these kinds of products on Amazon.
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