Every auto parts seller wants to increase their sales. This is the platform where you can sales big brand products without any trouble. But if are thinking to increase sales, you need to do eBay product SEO or optimization for it. Auto or Car parts optimized for eBay it’s a challenge. So if you implement the strategy it will increase sales 100%.

Step 1: Competitor Analysis

First, you need to do a competitive analysis. How you can do that? First, you need to find out all competitors they are selling a lot. Make a list of all the competitors and check their last 3 months’ sales.

Step 2:

Keyword Research

Need to do proper keywords research auto parts that you want to sell. Why? Because the title character limit on eBay is 80 characters. So we need to add each and everything within 80 characters. So it will help to rank your item for eBay search terms.

Use premium keywords research tools for car parts optimization or you can do it manually. Or you can check the best-seller title and use the keyword and create a title like them.

Step 3

Add Correct Fitment or Compatibility

Need to add the right fitment or compatibility for the item. This is a big selling weapon on eBay. Make sure you add the right fitment and updated it which fits for the vehicles. So if you add the right one and the updated one that helps you to rank your items for the different fitment when any customer searches about it. Make sure the model and the Year.

Step 4:

Add all little bit of information about the items. The most important part is the MPN (manufacturer part number) Interchange part number and other part numbers. These are another strategy that can bring sales. So when you added those attribute makes sure to use the right one.

Step 5:

Add description with keywords for the items. This is another section where eBay provides us the opportunity so we can add more keywords. When any customer search about the items/product they can see the optimized product ranked for the keywords. So make sure when you are writing any description for eBay make sure you did the keyword research for it and get ranked for those keywords.

This is all about the eBay car parts SEO if you follow the above steps that can increase your sales. Check our other article on how to optimize or SEO amazon product listing.