How to deal with a SEO client | Learn

Brandraz will share their experience it will help you when you want to win an SEO deal. When you talked with a client first you have to know about your client thoughts, what he/she wants from you, what is his/her goal. How can he/she want to see his or her business, when any SEO company will work for the company.  

On the other hand, you have to know also is that the company person has any idea or knowledge about SEO or Search engine optimization???

Do you know why??? 

If he has knowledge about it then ask them for which keywords you want to rank your business?? It will help you to understand which types of service or products his/her company want to sell. When you get all the updates and information you can suggest better keywords for his company.  

How can you show the Proposal?? 

  • You have been getting all the information about his business and keywords 
  • Do keyword research and find better keywords for his business 
  • Make a Report on it and show to them 
  • Provide a time to rank those keywords 

Important note:

When you find out all keywords also do competition analysis because you will give them time for ranking. Do not pick higher competition keywords. If their website is new. Find out five or six 10-220 MSV keywords first and tell them we will rank those keywords first then we will rank others keywords also. Minimum take 60 days for all stuff.  Do not make any fake Promises. 

Are your clients want to rank your business Locally?? 

If the answer yes… 

Ask them do you have any Google My business card??? `If the answer yes checks suddenly their Online reputation?? How many services their company provided and was it quality work or not???  

Do you know why??? If their online reputation is bad you should offer them our agency will work for your online reputation also. Because Online reputation is the most important part of the local business.  

Next topic should be. Ask your Clients how can he/she get the report form your agency Weekly or Monthly??  

Brandraz Opinion makes the report after every 10 days and keeps updated about your work. How it was going and add the improvement result.  

Why?? Check the Answer

When You start working for them what you need to do??? 

First, make a full audit of his business. Full audit means On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Backlinks, Ranking keywords, How many Citation etc and shows the report to them. Because you don’t show it to them, what will happen? End of the day if you fail to rank those keywords client will not understand what you did for his/her company. They will blame your agency. So if you want to win the client forever show them first their current status first. 

If you fail to rank all keywords and you need one more month to rank all keywords. In that moment what will be your answer???  

Show them the status of their website after 60 days. Which keywords rank better and compare with the previous one. Tell them sir/mam I need one more month we will work for you free and will rank those keywords. Then you should start paying.  

For all clients  

Please, when you work with any SEO or digital marketing agency first take the current status of your website and also get a weekly report of their work. You do not need to understand all things just check the keywords which pages rank.  

This is all about how to deal with a seo client