Ebay Product Listing and Management


Ebay has a track record of sales of more than 800 million products, with 11 million search instances every hour across the globe. It has been noticed that there are a total of 25 million sellers on eBay who does transactions very frequently.
In 2014, approximately $82.95 billion dollars were processed by eBay’s sellers and customers just through sales. The services provided by eBay are plenty and the sellers can get benefitted from them with each transaction, one of the most popular ones among them is the Global Shipping program which allows the sellers to ship goods abroad without having to worry about the international shipping agreements or any prior knowledge of customs.

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Listing New Products on eBay:

Just with the help of high-quality & high-impact listings for your eBay inventory, you can expressly enhance the chances of reaching out to the prospective buyers on a large scale. By collaborating with Brandraz, you would be able to seek assistance from experts at eBay which have the knowledge of product upload and can prepare the product listings for sale at eBay along with the addition of new items with the help of Spreadsheet or CSV feeds that can perform bulk uploads and manage product listings. With the help of experts at Brandraz, you would be able to list the items either at a fixed price or set up an auction. The listing software that we use for the major part of the project are as follows:

  • Turbo Lister
  • Auctiva
  • Vendio
  • Blackthorne

Categorizing Products on eBay:

Experts at Brandraz provide proven strategies to list down the products in the eBay catalog by allocating category, subcategory, and type to the listing. By availing our services, you would be able to add, edit, eliminate and reorganize categories that would help to set the products to your catalog as per the category mappings. Product Image Editing and Uploading in eBay:
Uploading quality photos in the eBay listings would help to represent the products just the way they are but with the help of these, you would also be able to boost the sales and customer engagement. The eBay Product Image Editing services include:

Clear or white image background with an uncluttered backdrop.
• Accurate colors and scale.
• High-resolution image.
• Adjusted with eBay’s suggested dimensions and file type.
• Elaborate close-up shots and multiple angles that conform to eBay’s product image guidelines of main and corroboratory images.

eBay Search Engine (Cassini) Optimization:

Professionals at Brandraz are experts at eBay listings and can provide frame them according to eBay Search Engine (Cassini) guidelines that assure the listings to show up in specialized, accurate searches on eBay. Some of the steps include:
• Adding the category name in the eBay Listing Title and follow up the item-specific attributes along with the opposite background.
• The inclusion of the recommended Item Specifics while uploading products on eBay.
• Filling up of all the major information like Brand, Manufacturer, SKU, Item Type, Search Terms, Product Description along with other item attributes.
• The inclusion of the item condition in Title, Item Specifics & Description.
• The inclusion of Unique Identifiers such as UPC, EAN, MPN, ISBN in your eBay Item list.

Bay Inventory Management:

Inventory maobtainsnt obtain a critical essence as it designates the fulfillment latency and gives sagacity into lead-time required for shipping a given item from the date of the order, besides specifying the restock dates. We at Brandraz always help you update the current stock levels of your products while listing on eBay.

Setting up eBay Product Price:

Our professionals would assist you in registering the current price and sale price for the product, the start and finish date (whenever required), and the lowest advertised price if it is suggested by the manufacturer).

Tracking Competitor Prices:

To make sure that you are selling the products at a competitive rate, our experts would suggest you about the competitive prices and would keep you posted in the real-time update so as to help you in re-adjusting the product listing so that they stay on the top in both fixed-price and auction listings.

Other eBay Services:

Brandraz provides essential tools that can help the clients in making the most of the available services and discard the ones that won’t profit the business. With us, you would be offered the following services:
• Seller Dashboard Training
• Order Management
• Customer Service
• Shipment Management
• Marketing and Promotion
• eBay Store Management
• eBay Account Standard Management
• Drop-Shipping
• Custom Solution
Let us know about your queries regarding the Ebay listings and our experts would make sure that you are offered the right assistance.

MultiChannel eCommerce Software:

Earlier, during the nascent stage, eCommerce was fairly simple. But it eventually grew and is now in high demand. Over time, it has become more complex, fragmented, crowded and even more competitive. And with the passing time, different mediums and channels, an invention of new devices, exposure and more consumers are shaping up the future of this sector.
Brandraz is dedicated to helping the retailers and branded manufacturers to manage listings, inventory, order, shipping, and several other features with which you can reach out to more people and sell more products than ever before. The experts at Brandraz are skilled enough to accomplish these tasks by making use of the new technologies like Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor, Solid Commerce, Sellbrite, Ecomdash, and several others as per client’s need.

Research & Analytics:

Out experts can assist you in Researching competition and tracking Amazon metrics that might take up a lot of time if you are not aware of using them properly. We make use of tools such as Listing Analytics, Terpeak, Marketplace Analyzer, etc., with the help of which the time for this process can be reduced significantly.

Search Term Tools:

Experts at Brandraz are skilled to use Keyword/Search term tools like Terapeak SEO, Keyword Tool Dominator, and others that are necessary to show the eBay listing to the potential buyers and boost sales on the eBay online marketplace.


Repricer is an intelligent repricing platform that helps online sellers to make up more sales by keeping the prices competitive. Experts at Brandraz know how to use the Repricer features like Price Spectre, Seller Dynamics in a productive way.

Shipping Software:

Shipping software like ShipStation, ShipWorks, ShippingEasy is designed to save time and money on eCommerce Fulfillment and Shipping. Experts at Brandraz know how to use the multichannel eCommerce software with shipping software and can follow it up separately.


Brandraz has a dedicated team of designers who are skilled at Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and many more with the help of which your product image can be optimized in a unique manner.