What is on page  SEO?

On page is an important practice to optimizing all web pages for any business.  Proper Search engine optimization helps your web pages show to your right audience. SO if you do correct SEO you will get right targeted audiences.

If you are beginners and do not know the proper on-page optimization Process. This post is for you.

Key points

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • Urls Optimization
  • Internals Links
  • Content Optimization
  • Service Page Urls Structure

How Can I do On-Page SEO For Any Business Website??

For example, if we are providing Web design and Local SEO Services in the USA. Make Sure You Use the Main keywords into the title tag.

  • Title tag must be less than 60 Characters
  • Use Targeted keywords into the title
  • Use the main keywords into the urls

Note: Most of the beginners cross the limits and make their website title ugly. DO not do that it creates ellipse.

How to Optimize Meta Tags

Meta Tag Must be within 155-160 Characters. What do you need to add into the meta tag? Make a unique meta description with focus keywords and location, Make sure your meta description can provide exact description what your business provides.

How to Optimize H1 Tags

Use H1 Tags only one time into the heading. When you use single heading tag Google will understand this is your main keywords and you want to rank for the keywords.

Note: All beginners don’t know about that and they use lots of h1 tags into the pages.

How to Optimize H2 Tags

H2 tags tell to google this is our service pages and give us ranks for those service pages.

How to Optimize Image 

Image optimization is important and also easily get traffic if you rank your website images for certain keywords. Use ALT Tags into your images when you upload it ant website.  Because alt tag tells google about the images.

Internal Links

Make sure when you update any content you anchor text all of the other service pages and also make sure links are relevant to those pages.

This is all about the on-page search engine optimization.