If you are the supplier or distributor and selling product on amazon you must have the vendor seller central. Now you need to upload bulk products or update existing product information using the help of feed file.  If you are beginners you need to know the complete process of how to download vendor seller central feed file.

Upload Bulk Product Amazon Vendor Seller Central

For that first of all need to login to your vendor seller central Login

Now we need to download the feed file template. For that we need to go the items section and click on the catalog button.

Now you need to add all product SKU or ASIN or product ID or product name into the highlighted section that you want to update the information. After inputting the value you need to click on the search button and you can see the all selected products feed template is ready for the download.

Now you need to select all items that you want to import into the feed file. After selecting all items click on the bulk download.

Now open the feed file and input all data that you want to update after adding all information just save the file.

Now you need to upload the feed file on vendor seller central. For that click on the upload products

After submission the feed file if you find any errors. You just need to resubmit the feed file again. Fix the feed file uploads it again and waits 24 hours and sees the changes.

This is how you can bulk product upload using feed file on vendor seller central.

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