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BrandRaz is here to reliably solve your e-commerce problems and to automate your business. Repetitive tasks need to be automated, and we can help you with that. Our experts are always by your side to keep in touch and establish effective solutions. Our company will integrate your business with any 3rd party that you are currently using or want to implement. Modern business owners are expected to do administration, accounting, design, marketing, and sales. Some of these tasks may be beyond your scope of knowledge. BrandRaz can help you make your business run successfully by providing your e-commerce and marketing solutions. We assure you that transferring these tasks to our expertise can save you valuable time and help your business operate efficiently and successfully.

E-COMMERCE  Solution

Marketplace Store Development  

We established our company with a good number of experts who specialize in multiple business sectors such as Marketplace Data Management, Amazon SEO Service or Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Solutions, Inventory Management, Social Media Optimization and many more. Every single expert in our company is highly skilled and dependable. BrandRaz is your all-in-one solution company for your business. Our company assures you quality solutions at affordable prices.

Inventory Management

Inventory management software eliminates the probability of overselling your items in the marketplace. BrandRaz is here to manage your inventory using LinnWorks, Sellbrite, Ecomdash, Channel Advisor, SellerCloud, Brightpearl and many more. We have several Web Application programmers, and they are experts at integrating any of these software options with your Point of Sale, Distributor Network, Shipping Network and any Platform using API. Reducing the mistakes in inventory management will help you to grow your business.

Shipping Integration

BrandRaz provides you with a reliable and trusted shipping agent. Expertise in the shipping department will ensure an automated connection using the API. In the marketplace, you will find plenty of software which is integrated with Amazon, eBay, etc. but sometimes it can be problematic to integrate these with order management software. BrandRaz is assured hassle-free shipping integration.

Brandraz Digital Marketing Service

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Why Your Small Business Needs Local SEO?

Today’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing tools for any business. For example, if you have a business in London, San Antonio, or anywhere else in the world, implementing SEO of your business website will increase the possibilities of gaining new consumers or clients.  BrandRaz is here to take care of that for you!
Boost Your Website Visibility
When any users want to search for your service or product online, they need to see your business ranked high in their search. Nowadays it is not easy to rank on Google 1st position. It takes dedication and quality work to optimize your business website correctly. That’s why we are here for you!
Boost Your Website Position
Do you know: in 2019, 80% of potential consumers came through Google search engines? If your business is not present online, or easy to find online, you are denying yourselves an opportunity to be found by millions of users. Brandraz is here to help you get found by the people who want or need your services or products!
Acquiring New Clients
What you need is the best online marketing strategy and proper SEO help you to get potential new clients or customers for your business or services. For that, new clients need to be able to find you easily online. Our company can create the best possible solutions for your marketing and SEO needs.
Cost-Effective SEO
When you invest money for your business you want the best return possible. The inclusion of search engine optimization to your business is always the best marketing solution and more affordable than mailing service or radio broadcast. We have many options for SEO to fit within your budget.
Create your Brand & Ranking
When your website ranks higher on google search engines, that means your business will be easier to find and trusted more than others. That means more new clients or consumers will visit your website.  More clients or customers means more business for you.
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization is important for gaining new customers. Nowadays most people are addicted to social media. We can help you run ads or campaigns on the social platform that will target the right clients for you to grow your business.

SEO is not a cost but an investment.

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Our Promise

We are dedicated to making every business project successful. In the areas of Data Management, Web Developing, Graphics Design, and Digital Marketing, we have special officers for individual areas, but a Project Manager will always keep in touch with the client while the project is in process. Our company promises that every project will be supervised by the company Co-Founders, so you can be assured of impressive results. We maintain good communication and meet frequently with our clients in order achieve the most satisfactory results in the most timely fashion. We have specialized training to make changes to your project effectively and efficiently. BrandRaz will always by your side as a solution guide throughout the journey in the e-commerce world. As your partner, BrandRaz assures you the most effective way to make your business successful.


Highly recommend Patryk and the team over at Brand Raz – very professional, great to work with and got exactly what I needed done very quickly and to a really good quality. Took on feedback very well, understood exactly what was required and were quick to action or rectify anything. Look forward to continuing to work with them on other aspects! Thanks guys 🙂
Demi Nijjar

Amazon Store Development

We are very happy with the team at Brandraz. They have done a wonderful job for us growing our ad campaigns and are very open about their ideas to keep the growth. We look forward to our continued relationship with them as we expand our business.        

Amazon Product Optimization


SEO Case Study 2021

SEO Case Study 2021

Backgroud CPD is a Powersports distribution center that is centrally located in the US. We are partnered with Electric Motion, Electric Trial Bike, Rieju motorcycles, SWM, and selling dirt bike parts for all major brands. For organic growth, CPD allocates a budget for...

On Page and Off Page SEO

On Page and Off Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the search visibility and website traffic to a website. Mainly search engine optimization (SEO) is used to build on the ranking on the search engine result page. SEO mainly two types are given below: On-Page...