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A Digital Marketing Specialist Agency Quad Cities

It is quite impossible for any kind of small business owner to do everything by himself which becomes the challenging issues and it becomes harder. So to make it reliable we are here, BrandRaz, to solve your e-commerce problems and to automate your business. A repetitive task needs to be automated. Our experts will always by your side to keep in touch to establish a solution that will occur. Our company will implement your business with any 3rd party that you are using or want to integrate.

As it is quite impossible to become an expert in everything, so do all the admin, accounting, design, marketing, and sales may ruin your business. Some of the tasks are even out of your knowledge. So improving your e-commerce business, BrandRaz can help you to make your business run successfully. Brandraz assures you that transferring these tasks to our expertise in order to save your valuable time will do it perfectly to grow your business successfully.


Marketplace Store Development

We established our company with a good number of experts which are specialized in different sectors like Marketplace Data management. Every single expert in our company is highly skilled and able to multi-tasks like multi-marketing listing such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart and many others. Our experts are also specialized in doing BrandRaz is your all in one solution company for your business. Our company will assure you to solve the problems at a reasonable price.

Inventory Management

Inventory management software can destroy the probability of overselling item on the marketplace. To save your company from demolishing BrandRaz is here to manage your inventory using LinnWorks, Sellbrite, Ecomdash, Channel Advisor, SellerCloud, Brightpearl and many more. We have a number of Web Application programmers, as they are experts so integrating any of this software with your POS, Distributor network, Shipping Network and any Platform using API will be no more difficult. Reducing the mistakes in inventory management will help you to grow your business.

Shipping Integration

BrandRaz provides you with a reliable and trusted shipping agent in the area of shipping. The expertise in the shipping department will ensure you to automate the connection using the API. In the marketplace, you will find many software which is integrated with Amazon, eBay etc. But sometimes it becomes a hassle to integrate with these order management software. BrandRaz is assuring a hassle free shipping integration


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